Can the UK afford to have morals when dealing with Donald Trump?

Team WorkWhether politicians in the UK like it or not Donald Trump is going to be the next president of the United States of America. While in the election campaign he was highly controversial and in some cases blatantly racist the fact remains that he will soon be the most powerful man on the planet. As a consequence UK politicians will need to deal directly with Donald Trump at some stage. Can politicians afford to have morals when their main job is doing the best for the UK?

Is the UK/US special friendship at risk?

So far Theresa May has been very careful choosing her words to congratulate Donald Trump on his success. There is no doubt that some of his comments go against many of the very beliefs we hold as a nation the UK but Donald Trump is just one of many future US presidents. In his support, Donald Trump has been very supportive of the UK in the aftermath of is win suggesting the UK is nearer the front of the queue for trade deals as opposed to the “back of the queue” according to Obama. So, on that basis it is highly likely that the UK/US special friendship will continue for many years to come and possibly grow stronger.

Do politicians need to like Donald Trump?

Politicians have to take the emotion and any personal feelings they may hold out of the equation when dealing with overseas counterparts. There is nothing to stop UK politicians from being polite and amenable while not necessarily agreeing with all of Donald Trump’s comments. In many ways a more professional relationship as opposed to friendship could yield more for the UK and the US in the longer term. So, while some of the opposition parties in the UK seem determined to spoil the UK/US special friendship this is not really at risk.

If we look back in history many politicians have made comments which have come back to haunt them in years to come. The “real politicians” of today can look beyond personal attacks, get down to business and do what’s best for their side of the argument.

Scottish government

The UK authorities seem to have been welcomed by Donald Trump and indeed Theresa May is expected to be the first European leader to visit the White House under Trump’s tenure. If there are any politicians in the UK who should be wary of a backlash from Donald Trump it is the SNP which have been highly critical of him in the past. Indeed the likes of Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond have ridiculed him in public, withdrawn his ambassadorship of Scotland and made his life very difficult. This despite the previous very close relationship which many thought was too close.


Politicians should be able to rise above morals and personal attacks when dealing with other parties on behalf of their government and their country. There is nothing stopping UK politicians who do not agree with all of Trump’s comments and opinions from negotiating directly with the new president of the United States of America. There is nothing wrong in having morals but if these get in the way of “doing your job” then are you really representing your country or are you representing yourself?

If politicians are unable to put their country before their own views then perhaps they should think about another career?

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